Frequently asked questions


From what to wear during photo shoots to what happens if it rains on the day of
your shoot, I’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients below.
Have a question that’s not yet answered? Get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


When is the best time for a photo shoot?

This is such a good question and the simple answer is whenever is best for you! Whilst early morning and late afternoon shoot sessions usually are quieter for being out and about, we can schedule your shoot to suit you.

It’s best that we arrange a shoot that works with your routine and not against it. For example if your child has a certain nap time, we should try and plan the shoot either before or after they wake up to prevent tears and tantrums, or if your baby generally sleeps during the afternoon, a morning session may be best. We can talk through when is best for you when you book a session.

What should we wear for a photo shoot?

Please don’t worry, I will send you a handy guide on what to wear for your shoot so that you are prepared – whatever the weather! I’ll also pop over further details and tips and tricks I’ve learnt for you to use (if you’d like!) before your photo shoot. With a week to go, I’ll give you a call to finalise everything and ensure you’re excited and raring to go!

What happens on the photo shoot?

Once you’ve booked your photo shoot and you know what you’re wearing, just relax and don’t overthink about the day. During the photo shoot the aim is simple; to have as much fun and giggle as much as possible! As I tailor my photography (and the shoot) to you and your family, we’ll have already discussed the ‘important stuff’ like your family’s schedule, favourite locations and take into account your child/ren’s ages. This leaves you free to just relax on the day and be free from the every day stresses. This is your time to enjoy with your family. I will do the rest.

What if the kids start to misbehave?

As a mum of two completely wonderful, yet sometimes crazy kids, I know that children are unpredictable. It’s a characteristic that makes them so loveable but also sometimes difficult to plan around. But do not fear that this will ‘ruin’ your photo shoot – it won’t!

It can be difficult to get kids to co-operate in the best of circumstances, but I am very experienced at gaining a child's trust and boosting their confidence around the camera. I want your child to be themselves during the shoot. The best photos are those that are not overly staged and when kids are just being kids – whether running off, sticking their tongues out or showing off that cheeky grin. Coincidently this is also the best way for parents to stay relaxed and happy too!


What if my child is poorly on the day of the photo shoot?

Children get poorly – it happens, so if your child becomes ill before your photo shoot, we can reschedule. Please give me as much notice as possible. If we have to reschedule a second time then a 50% rescheduling fee will be applied.


What if we have to reschedule?

We all know that life is unpredictable and things can crop up. Rescheduling your shoot incurs no fee, just as long as you give me 48 hours’ notice. Notice less than this time will incur a 50% rescheduling fee.

What if the weather isn't sunny?

The great British weather can change in the blink of an eye – one minute it’s sunny, the next it can be snowing. Over the years, I’ve become very experienced in shooting in all kinds of weather, from the cold (which personally, I think allows for some very magical images) to beautiful hot sunny summer days. The only weather that I’d recommend rescheduling for is if it looks like torrential downpours (whilst it may be fun to splash around in puddles, I’d hate for you or your little one to get a cold!). If this is the case, I will speak to you early on the day to re-arrange. An overcast day is absolutely fine, and is actually my favourite light to shoot in as it’s so flattering.

Are there any extra costs after I have booked and chosen my Family Collection package?

To put it simply: no! Once you have booked your photo shoot and chosen your favourite Family Collection package, that is what you pay – everything has already been included for you, leaving you free to relax and just enjoy your shoot. At the time of booking, I will send you an Investment Guide detailing prices and package information, so that you can make sure you’re choosing the best package for your needs and budget. This also lists other gorgeous products (like photo albums and framed prints) that you can purchase if you wish to do so.

What if we have more than 5 people in our family?

My Family Collection packages are for up to five people, however, if you’d like more than five members of your family in your shoot; it’s no problem. I charge just £15 per extra person. If you’re looking for an extended family photo shoot for seven or more people then please contact me for larger group prices.